How many people seriously do care about the Earth's environment?

Do you ever find yourself at a standstill, understanding that things cannot continue as they are, but unsure of what actions to take?

Imagine if the clothes you wanted to wear were actually made from materials that are beneficial for the planet. We want to create a system that naturally brings about "sustainable kindness" in this way.

We are a circular economy service born out of such aspirations, originating from Okinawa / Bagasse.

The Inspirations

Our purpose for BAGASSE UPCYCLE business development is strongly connected to the following three actions.


Firstly, the fashion industry, which is a typical industry of Take / Make / Waste structure, is now increasingly needed to be changed, as various companies around the world are taking actions. We indicate a new way of the fashion industry by adopting the transition from the linear to the circular model.


Secondly, we have a strong passion to solve issues regarding the Kariyushi wear industry in Okinawa. Okinawa attracts 10 million tourists in a year. Here in Okinawa, Kariyushi wear is loved as a local formal wear and as a resort wear for tourists. We will re-brand the Kariyushi wear in the following form. Eliminate the waste contained in the fashion industry and put attractiveness of Okinawa into wears. Connect suppliers and users in the value chain by utilizing IoT technology. Okinawa has many unknown cultural values.


Lastly, create a sustainable ecosystem connected to Bagasse/sugarcane.
We will build a sustainable business model from the perspectives of 3Ps, Planet, People, and Profit.
Sugarcane is the largest agricultural product in the world, and Okinawa is the largest producer in Japan. We realize the potential of bagasse through continuous research and development, and contribute to the universal challenge of connecting the global environment to the next generation through business development premised on 3P.


BAGASSE UPCYCLE was founded by Shinji Odo and Naoto Yamamoto.
Shinji is from Okinawa and has a background in the financial and IT industries. Naoto, who is from Tokyo, earned his experiences in the advertising industry and has made regional revitalization initiatives as his lifework.

They are keen to preserve the original landscape of Okinawa, sugarcane farmlands, to the next generation. BAGASSE UPCYCLE project, which is started from such a simple impulse, is developing as a new challenge based on technologyies, knowledge, and experiences that the two have created so far.

Transform from extracting values to creating values. Instead of pursuing material affluence, BAGASSE UPCYCLE will pursue the realization of a society that coexists with nature and restores humanity, while valuing excitement and curiosity.


Company overview

Company name
1-4-17 Kume, Naha City, Okinawa ,Japan
Amount of Capital
4 million JPY
Managing Director Co-Founder / CEO Shinji Odo
Managing Director Co-Founder / COO Naoto Yamamoto
Date of establishment
March 31, 2021
March 31, 2021
Planning and providing of clothing
Development of traceability system